SCC-VAZ 2021 DOK 018 Personnel certification (Online-Training)

SCC-VAZ 2021 DOK 018 Personnel certification (Online-Training)


SCC-VAZ 2021 DOK 018 person certification

The training includes the training and the exam approval participation in a presence examination.

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Online-Training (E-Learning) in accordance with the SCC-VAZ 2021 regulations for operational employees of contractors.

Operational employees of contractors are taught the basic aspects of occupational safety, health and environmental protection (SHE) in accordance with the SCC regulations (Safety Certificate Contractors).

Operationally active employees are those who are involved in the provision of services, such as laborers, skilled workers, fitters, bricklayers. This also includes marginal and part-time employees as well as apprentices who have reached the age of 18.

Online-based training with final test for exam approval.

Mediation of the daily exam on your premises or at various locations in Germany and – depending on the size of the group – throughout Europe.

Certificate according to SCC-VAZ 2021 DOK 018

If you pay, you get immediate access and can start with the training for SCC-VAZ 2021 DOK 018!