SCC training Dok-18 person certification

SCC training Dok-18 person certification


Schulung nach Vorgaben des SCC-Regelwerks und anerkannte Prüfung für operativ tätige Mitarbeiter von Contraktoren.

Die Schulung beinhaltet das Training und das Teilnahmezertifikat zur Teilnahme an einer Präsenzprüfung.

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The examination can be taken throughout Germany, VCA by individual arrangement in 16 locations in the Benelux countries.

Training in accordance with the SCC regulations and recognized examination for operational employees of contractors.

Operational employees of contractors are taught the basic aspects of occupational safety, health and environmental protection (SHE) in accordance with the SCC regulations (Safety Certificate Contractors).

Operationally active employees are those who are involved in the provision of services, such as laborers, skilled workers, fitters, bricklayers. This also includes marginal and part-time employees as well as apprentices who have reached the age of 18.

Online-based training with final test for exam approval.

Mediation of the daily exam on your premises or at various locations in Germany and – depending on the size of the group – throughout Europe.

Certificate according to Dok 018

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Change in the SCC rulebook!
The following changes will apply to you as of 15.10.2021: The period of validity of the SCC regulations will be limited to a maximum of 5 years or until 31.10.2026. Certificates issued for examinations prior to 15.10.2021 will also lose their validity on 31.10.2026. After conversion to the SCC personnel VAZ 2021, certificates will generally be issued for a period of 5 years. (Status 12.11.2021-APV-Zertifiezierungs GmbH)